Our homes have been featured in the following publications:
The Leavenworth Echo - Wednesday, July 2, 2008
Article Titled: "Icicle Canyon Home Takes "Green" to a New Level" Leavenworth, WA
Fine Homebuilding - May 2008 No. 194, Pages 118-119
Fine Homebuilding Advertisement: Fine Homebuilding's ad promoting their new "Test Drive" feature on their website uses this home we built in Sammamish, WA
Seattle Homes & Lifestyles - February 2005, Pages 62-67
Article Titled: "Out of the Past" Seattle, WA
Northwest Home and Garden - Mar/Apr 2005, Pages 22-24 and Page 60
Article Titled: "The Wunnel" Normandy Park, WA
The Seattle Times Sunday Magazine - April 24, 2005, Pages 30-35
Article Titled: "Visions Past and Future" Normandy Park, WA
Fine Homebuilding Houses Annual Issue - Summer 2005 No. 171, Pages 78-82
Article Titled: "New England Style Moves Out West" Sammamish, WA
Traditional Home - March 2004, Pages 64-68
Article Titled: "A Garden on the Snoqualmie" North Bend, WA
Washington... A Great Place to Live - Published by Rhinobooks LLC
Copyright 2003 ISBN 0-615-11967-0, Pages 147-151
Article Titled: "North Bend Estate" North Bend, WA
Seattle Homes & Lifestyles - July/August 1999, Pages 58-63
Article Titled: "Form Follows Functions" Woodinville, WA
The articles titled "Icicle Canyon Home Takes "Green" to a New Level", "Visions Past and Future", and "North Bend Estate" can be accessed online. To request a copy of any of the other articles, please send us an Email.

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